Project Scope - Objectives

IpA Shield II project


Project Scope

The overall objective of the IpA Shield II Project is the improvement of the effectiveness of the primary and preventive health care services in the cross-border area by upgrading the existing medical services and equipment and setting up new, emphasizing to the prevention of Diabetes. Within this context, IpA Shield II Project is fully aligned with Program’s Specific Objective 1.2 “Improvement of preventive health care and social services of children and elderly population”.

In addition, the project aims to:

1. maximize the effectiveness of the health and medical sources of the hospitals and health centers aiming to the provision of advanced services to citizens.
2. upgrade the quality of life through systemic upgrade of health services.
3. prevent potential health problems.
4. decrease the potential diabetes patients
5. establish cooperation in health issues.
6. create a strong cooperation channel between the health institutions aiming to its expansion to all cross border’s health units.
7. develop infrastructure and supply equipment improving health and medical services to citizens of the cross border area saving human lives.


Expected outputs

The outputs of the IpA Shield II Project are expected to be:

Procurement of medical equipment of major importance for 2 General Hospitals and 4 Health Centers in the cross-border area and more precisely: (i) the General Hospital of Kilkis, (ii) the Public Health Institution: General Hospital – Gevgelija, (iii) the Health Centers of Goumenissa, Drosato, Polykastro and Valandovo.

Upgrading of the oxygen system at the General Hospital Kilkis

Modernization of the communication system for the ambulances of the National Emergency Aid Center in the Regional Unit of Kilkis.

Implementation of check-ups for diabetes focusing to the children and elderly people.

Establishment and operation of a diabetes center focusing on the prevention of the disease and the information of the local population at the General Hospital of Gevgelija.

Implementation of 4 training programmes for parents on first aid to children at Kilkis & Goumenissa 

Implementation of an informative campaign to inform and sensitize local population regarding Diabetes.

• Implementation of a series of promotional actions: printed informational material, articles, video, website.